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Tracy Geisel, Health, Safety & Environmental Manager career possibilities
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“The possibilities at PepsiCo allow you to set your own destiny and have the career you have always dreamed of.”

Tracy Geisel

Health, Safety & Environmental Manager

PepsiCo Bottling Company

Atlanta, GA

Education: Capital University, Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science

Favorite PepsiCo product: Doritos, Diet Pepsi

In 1988 Tracy was traveling to grocery stores in Ohio asking people to take the Pepsi Challenge. Countless times she would ask people, "Which do you prefer?" and was never surprised when Pepsi was consistently picked as the preferred taste. Twenty five years later she's still hooked on one of PepsiCo's most popular brands, Pepsi.

Tracy has taken full advantage of the career possibilities at PepsiCo by working in a number of different roles at a variety of locations including Ohio, Michigan, and New York. Her career journey recently led her to a Gatorade facility in Atlanta where in her new management role she is responsible for the health and safety of PepsiCo employees.

"I love to help people anyway I can. Being a Safety Manager, I'm able to get right in there and help people with their day to day routines."

Tracy credits her internal mobility to PepsiCo's assistance during college, available training, and support from co-workers and leadership. It's the inspiration she gets from her peers that drives her love of going in to work every day and being part of the PepsiCo family.

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Richard Lawrence, Marketing Manager, Snacks career possibilities
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“At PepsiCo, I've had a career path I never dreamed was possible.”

Richard Lawrence

Marketing Manager, Snacks


Bangkok, Thailand

Education: BA- History (University of Birmingham)

Favorite PepsiCo product: Naked Juice Green Machine

Richard Lawrence began his career with PepsiCo in the United Kingdom with the Walkers brand. Later, his involvement with the launch of the Naked Juice Products in the UK opened the door to new possibilities abroad.

Based in Bangkok, Thailand, Richard serves as Marketing Manager for Snacks in the Asia-Pacific division of PepsiCo. He recognizes that the way he grew up doing things in Western Europe isn't necessarily the way things may work in Japan, Korea, Pakistan, and the Philippines. “A big part of my job is just being curious about the world and the countries that we go to,” he said.

Tasked with marketing snacks in emerging markets, Richard takes best practices from PepsiCo globally and reapplies them in a locally relevant way.

Richard received his Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Birmingham. An employee since the age of 25, he finds his career growth with PepsiCo “a real adventure.”

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Kristina Rossova, R&D Manager, F&V EER & SEER career possibilities
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“We are investing in people - this is how we manage to succeed.”

Kristina Rossova

R&D Manager, F&V EER & SEER

PepsiCo Eastern Europe

Moscow, Russia

Education: Chemist graduate from University of Gorky

Favorite PepsiCo product: Lay's Cheese & Onion

Perusing an open air fruit market in Moscow, Kristina Rossova sees and smells possibilities everywhere. As part of PepsiCo's research and development team, she oversees the creation of fruit and vegetable products for regions including Greece, Turkey, Romania, and the Ukraine. It's actually part of her job to notice that apples are in season, ripe and ready to go into a PepsiCo apple juice product.

Kristina is highly attuned to the tastes and traditions of developing markets and how local foods may translate into to a new flavor or product. Before focusing on fruits and vegetables, she worked in PepsiCo's Snacks division developing unique region-specific flavors for Lay's potato chips – Red Caviar and Mushroom & Sour Cream chips both became hits in the Russian market.

Beyond travelling and tasting, Kristina's favorite things about PepsiCo include building and developing a strong team and surrounding herself with talented people. The group often hosts several taste tests where technicians present her and her team with various flavors and samples. She can be very hands-on in the development of new products but also enjoys having broader managerial responsibility.

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Juliana Grizzi, Supply Chain Project Manager career possibilities
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“What I enjoy the most is having the freedom to give my opinion.”

Juliana Grizzi

Supply Chain Project Manager

PepsiCo South America, Caribbean & Central America

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Education: Engineer graduate from University of Sao Paulo and Post-graduate degree in Administration from Fundacao Getulio Vargas.

Favorite PepsiCo product: Quaker Cookies- Quaker de Bolso

How do you keep pace with one of the fastest growing economies? Juliana Grizzi, a supply chain project leader in PepsiCo's Brazil office is answering this question while taking on the challenge to improve the region's increasingly complex supply chain and distribution process. She's looking at how food and beverage products are being distributed to figure out the best, most creative and effective way to get customers and consumers what they want.

“I get to take the big picture – the lifespan of a product – and oversee in detail how it functions in the world. Then I get to recommend ways we could do it better.”

The vibrancy of the city of Sao Paulo is felt in the busy city streets and in the high energy PepsiCo office, where Juliana and her team explore possibilities daily from within an open floor workspace and with an open door policy.

“The company provides an environment where you can say what you think and your ideas are taken seriously. I have access to anyone at any level in this company to say what I need to say. Creative thinking is encouraged and embraced. And I feel like I have a real impact on the way that we do business. I love that.”

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Ricardo Schreer, South Cone CFO career possibilities
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“PepsiCo gives you many tools to develop yourself as a leader.”

Ricardo Schreer

South Cone CFO

PepsiCo Americas Foods

Buenos Aires

Education: MS in Industrial Engineering (NYU Poly) and Post-graduate diploma in Economics (London School of Economics)

Favorite PepsiCo product: Quaker Squares cereal

For Ricardo, PepsiCo has not only provided a career path, it has guided him down a life path. Fifteen years after joining the company at age 25, he was asked to move from his home country of Brazil to Buenos Aires to take on a regional Chief Financial Officer role.

Now, Ricardo's managing four different countries in South America with four different currencies, learning about new cultures, and gaining valuable, enriching life experiences alongside his wife and children. Despite the vast differences, sharing the expat experience with his family has helped to bring them closer together.

“PepsiCo gives you many tools to develop yourself as a leader.”

Ricardo likens his leadership role to that of a coach of a soccer team. While he's not playing in the field, he needs to give his employees direction and strategy to get the job done, because at the end of the day, they're who are going to score the goals. Ricardo's notably demonstrated his ability to lead in empowering his team to recover from a very damaging plant fire. For turning a tragedy story into a success story, Ricardo was awarded the highest employee honor and reminded that the potential and possibilities at PepsiCo are truly endless.

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Helen Hofstede, Production Manager career possibilities
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“If a company supports you, it gives you the extra push you need.”

Helen Hofstede

Production Manager

Quaker Europe Foods

Utrecht, The Netherlands

Education: Masters-Food Technology (Wageningen University) and Masters-Science & Innovation Management (University of Utrecht)

Favorite PepsiCo product: Pepsi MAX

As a Project Manager at Quaker Oats in The Netherlands, Helen understands the meaning of “keep your eye on the prize.” Day-to-day, she collaborates with a team of food technologists to create new and improved products in the lab. The ultimate gratification, she says, is seeing the product she has helped develop turn up on the grocery store shelf and knowing how much hard work went into it.

Helen's passion and work ethic extends beyond her job, and she has more than 20 national medals in track to prove it. Rather than joining co-workers for lunch, she's more often found lacing up her running shoes and heading outdoors to train, all in hopes of making it to the Olympics.

With a plan in place, Helen's fast on her way to reaching her goal. She attributes her ability to balance work and athletics to PepsiCo's “Flexico” spirit -- flexible work arrangements based on individual needs.

“In the end you have to do it by yourself, but if a company supports you…it gives you the extra push you need.”

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Meagan White, PreSell Customer Representative career possibilities
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"Every day I come to work I feel valued and like I am empowered to make a difference.”

Meagan White

PreSell Customer Representative

PepsiCo Beverages Canada

Toronto, Ontario

Education: Bishop's University, BBA, Marketing & Human Resources

Favorite PepsiCo product: Pepsi

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to work for PepsiCo Canada? Follow Meagan White, a presell customer representative, through her day and learn what it takes to work for a Canada’s Top 100 Employer!

As a PepsiCo Canada ambassador, Meagan’s role is a great opportunity to represent some of Canada’s favourite brands! While the job is fast-paced, it is equally rewarding; largely because it can be treated like running your own business!

Having entered the role straight out of university, Meagan says that she has grown both personally and professionally as a result of the opportunities available to her through PepsiCo Canada.

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Armando de Paz, Large Account Sales Representative career possibilities
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"You are recognized not just by your customers, but by your co-workers as well."

Armando de Paz

Large Account Sales Representative

PepsiCo Foods Canada

Milton, ON

Education: Business Marketing, Sheridan College

Favorite PepsiCo product: Tostitos Multigrain & Salsa

A Large Format Route Sales Representative (RSR), Armando's passion and commitment to executing with excellence is as strong today as when he joined PepsiCo Foods Canada in 1998. Servicing several major retail stores daily, Armando's approach of providing personalized service has helped him develop strong relationships with his customers.

Beginning his career as an Account Merchandiser, Armando credits the ongoing support and mentoring from his manager for his continued career development. Over the years he has also had the opportunity to participate in and lead several training programs for new RSRs.

"PepsiCo has an open door policy. It's a great feeling knowing that I have a manager that I can go to for advice and ideas on how I can further develop my accounts. In many ways, it sets me up for future success".

A husband and father to three young girls, Armando credits his manager and colleagues at PepsiCo with helping him achieve a positive work-life balance.

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Molly Walsh, Data Governance Sr. Manager career possibilities
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"I am inspired knowing that what I do at work or at home adds value."

Molly Walsh

Data Governance Sr. Manager



Education: B.S. Food Science, University of IL, Champaign

Favorite PepsiCo product: Diet Mountain Dew and Quaker Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal

It was 25 years ago that Molly Walsh began exploring her own possibilities at PepsiCo by joining a quality assurance team for Rice-a-Roni and Pasta-Roni in Bridgeview, Illinois.  As time went on, she followed a career path that continues to present her with challenging work and opportunities that keep her excited to come to work every day.  Now a Senior Manager for the PepsiCo Business + Information Solutions division, Molly enjoys being able to work with great people and taking on new responsibilities that help her to grow both personally and professionally.

During a time when Molly and her family needed it the most, she found support from her co-workers and the PepsiCo employee resource group called, EnAble.  Helping to work with her schedule and connect her to much needed resources during a challenging family event, the PepsiCo employees within EnAble showed Molly that the possibilities at PepsiCo really do reach beyond just the office where we work.  As a result, she's now an active leader in EnAble and has the opportunity to continue to lead others with both the passion for success that drivers her career at PepsiCo and the compassion she feels for friends and family members both inside and outside the walls of PepsiCo.

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Nikki Abba, Supply Chain Finance Associate Analyst  career possibilities
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"To be able to invest yourself in something that touches so many lives worldwide makes for a truly dynamic and intriguing workplace."

Nikki Abba

Supply Chain Finance Associate Analyst

PepsiCo Americas Beverages


Education: University of Iowa, BBA, Accounting

Favorite PepsiCo product: Quaker Oatmeal Squares

Taking on an adventure isn't just something you do in college -- at least not when you're someone like Nikki Abba, supply chain finance associate analyst at PepsiCo.  Nikki's willingness to leave a small town to join a global company in one of the largest cities in the United States wasn't made without her experiencing just a little fear of the unknown.

Her nerves were quickly put at ease during the transition from intern to full time employee when she was introduced to the members of Conn3ct, a PepsiCo employee resource group.  Through Conn3ct, Nikki learned to become a true networking professional through the sharing of her experiences and insights while encouraging others to do the same while exploring career possibilities within the organization.

“I love working for PepsiCo because I love being a part of a company that is so much larger than myself and where the work I do as an individual touches so many lives worldwide."

Nikki can now often be found speaking to potential interns on behalf of PepsiCo.  She's discovered that she enjoys sharing what it's like to be part of a company that not only embraces the diverse backgrounds of team members but also uses those differences to make stronger teams and fun working environments.

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Jessica Garcia, Pepsi Sales District Leader career possibilities
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“The people are what make this business great and are a big part of my internal mobility.”

Jessica Garcia

Pepsi Sales District Leader


Mesquite, TX

Education: University of Kansas - Marketing Degree

Favorite PepsiCo product: Diet Mountain Dew

The idea of moving far from home for your first job might seem a bit daunting, but not for Jessica. Jessica was recruited by PepsiCo at a career fair in 2010 and during the interview process she quickly felt surrounded by an extended family. The employees she had the opportunity to meet, along with the encouragement from her parents made the decision to move to Texas and join PepsiCo an easy one.

Jessica’s extended family has grown tremendously over the years. She has had the opportunity to work in four different positions, gaining exposure to different aspects of the business and learning new skills along the way. Through her various roles and responsibilities, Jessica uncovered a passion for management. She now manages a team and credits her co-workers and the possibilities at PepsiCo for empowering her internal mobility.

”All of the critical experiences helped me to learn the business cold. I’ve done the roles from the bottom up and it has given me the knowledge I need to do my current role and next role successfully. “

Jessica visits her family and friends in Kansas as often as possible, but it is safe to say she has found her second home at PepsiCo. Jessica enjoys working for an innovative and changing company that has offered her the opportunity to discover new passions and have a job that she loves.

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Caitlin Lucas, Sales District Leader career possibilities
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“I have gained more knowledge and opportunities and skills than I would have anywhere else."

Caitlin Lucas

Sales District Leader


Dallas, TX

Education: Middle Tennessee State University, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Favorite PepsiCo product: Lay's, Diet Cherry Pepsi

Caitlin developed a competitive edge and an appreciation for teamwork through her early involvement in soccer.  She quickly focused on finding a career that would allow her to incorporate these qualities after she earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from Middle Tennessee State University.  Caitlin joined PepsiCo in 2009 when she discovered a sales career at PepsiCo would allow her the opportunity to integrate her passion for competing and commitment to collaboration.

Caitlin started her career as a member of a tenured sales team and recently moved into a role as a Sales District Leader.   She is currently managing her own team and working with over 200 customers to assist them in growing their business.  Caitlin loves the rewarding aspect of sales, as well as the fulfillment of helping her team work together to successfully impact the business.  To her, building relationships and delivering results is intensely gratifying.

On and off the field, Caitlin demonstrates the rewarding possibilities of hard work and collaboration.  When Caitlin is not competing in sales, she can be found playing soccer and spending time with her husband and 2 dogs.   


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