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Discover the Promise of PepsiCo

If you’re looking for an undergraduate placement, MBA internship, Sales internship or graduate opportunities then you’ve come to the right place.

In PepsiCo's business, we operate bespoke programmes for both undergraduate, graduate and MBA students. Like all PepsiCo roles, our placements and internships are stretching, challenging and fun. Our people love working here. They recently paid us the ultimate compliment by voting PepsiCo one of the Best Places to Work in the UK and Europe. So explore our opportunities, meet some of our past and present students - and explore the possibilities for yourself.

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Functional Overview

The student placements we offer cover a wide range of business functions.


With over 22 global megabrands PepsiCo have a well-earned reputation for Brand Marketing expertise. We are proud to be the home to some of the best Marketers in the world, and an employer of choice for aspiring marketing professionals. At PepsiCo, marketing is as much about sharp commercial thinking as creativity; our combination of courage and pragmatism has proved a real winner.

Business and Information Systems (BIS)

Our Business & Information Solutions (BIS) team is going through an exciting time. PepsiCo is transforming the way we use technology across all areas of the business, and BIS act as our partners, advisers and service providers on everything to do with technology. Many of our BIS roles have an international focus, and support internal clients across multiple countries, helping them to identify, deploy and optimise the technology needed to deliver outstanding results.


PepsiCo is $67billion global business. It is extremely complex. And our Finance community make sense of it all by tracking our overall business performance, and helping maximise our financial performance. Our planning and commercial finance teams partner closely with internal client groups to support them at a local level. In addition, our financial control teams take the lead in on consolidating and reporting our performance at a market, sector and ultimately global level. Sound exciting?

Research and Development

At PepsiCo innovation takes centre stage. That means our Europe R&D team are at the heart of the action and are kept busy creating exciting new products for consumers across the continent, from Leicester to Hamburg to Moscow. In a fast-moving consumer environment, our research and development capability is crucial to provide a fresh twist to our favourite brands as well as creating new healthy choices that we need to succeed in the market. Do you share our passion for innovation? If so we could take your talents to a whole new level.


In a fast paced company like PepsiCo it's really important that we have what we need, when we need it. The goods and services we use can range from a good crop of potatoes to advertising space – that's where our Procurement department comes in. The Procurement team work hard to ensure we are getting the right goods and services at the right price whilst keeping everybody's best interest at heart. It’s important to keep high levels of integrity and a smooth relationship with our suppliers to ensure we win together.


PepsiCo in the UK

PepsiCo employs over 5,000 people across the UK, and every day millions of people enjoy our products.

We have eight manufacturing sites, including the world's biggest crisp factory in Leicester, our Quaker Oats Mill in Fife, and our Copella Juice site in Suffolk. Our UK Head Office is in Theale, near Reading – and the UK is also home to one of our European R&D facilities at Beaumont Park in Leicester.

Our core brands in the UK are Walkers, Quaker, Tropicana and Pepsi – but our portfolio also includes a wide range of other products, including Snack-a-Jacks and Sunbites.

Our values Today's consumers increasingly view their spending decisions as a way to make a difference in the world. They want to see their values reflected in the products they buy and their communities strengthened by the businesses they support. PepsiCo, headed by our CEO, Indra Nooyi, has a global vision – to deliver Performance with Purpose.

We believe that our business should be known not just for the financial results it generates, but for the imprint it leaves on society as a whole. We want to embrace Performance with Purpose in everything we do by:

  • Transforming our portfolio of products to make it easier for people to make healthier choices
  • Producing products that people will buy and enjoy
  • Operating in a way that minimises our impact on the environment, with the goal of reaching a net-neutral impact and replenishing the planet
  • Valuing our employees through training and retention programmes, ensuring that PepsiCo is the kind of company that good people want to work for.

Values and Commitments

Our commitment is to deliver sustained growth through empowering people, acting with responsibility and building trust.

At PepsiCo, we aim to live by the following guiding principles:

  • Care for customers, consumers and the world we live in.
    We are driven by an intense, competitive spirit in the marketplace, but we direct this spirit towards solutions that achieve a win for each of our constituents as well as a win for us. Our success depends on a thorough understanding of our customers, consumers and communities. Caring means going the extra mile. Essentially this is a spirit of growing, rather than taking.
  • Sell only products we can be proud of.
    The test of our standards is that we must be able to personally endorse our products without reservation and consume them ourselves. This principle extends to every part of the business, from the purchasing of ingredients to the point where our products reach the consumer's hands.
  • Balance short term and long term.
    We make decisions that hold both short term and long term risks and benefits in balance over time. Without this balance, we cannot achieve the goal of sustainable growth. 
  • Win with diversity and inclusion.
    We leverage a work environment that embraces people with diverse traits and different ways of thinking. This leads to innovation and the ability to identify new market opportunities, which helps develop new products and drives our ability to sustain our growth and empower our people.
  • Respect others and succeed together.
    Our company is built on individual excellence and personal accountability, but no one can achieve their goals by acting alone. We need great people who have the capability of working together, whether in structured teams or informal collaboration. Mutual success is absolutely dependent on treating everyone who touches the business with respect, inside and outside the company. Our spirit of fun, our respect for others and the value we put on teamwork makes us a company people enjoy being a part of. This enables us to deliver world-class performance.

Our Brands

We manufacture, transport, market and sell a wide range of famous brands including Walkers, Quaker, Tropicana and Pepsi.

The history of our brands stretches back over 100 years. Our products are designed to appeal to all sections of the population and have inspired consumer loyalty for generations. We are committed to driving forward our health and environmental goals through new product innovation and reformulation of our existing products.

Many of our products are unique to the UK and have been developed in response to specific demands from consumers. The raw ingredients for many of our products are grown here in the UK. Oats for Quaker are grown in Scotland, apples for Copella are grown in Suffolk, and the potatoes we use to produce our famous Walkers Crisps are grown on farms all over the UK.

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