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About BIS at PepsiCo

PepsiCo’s BIS program provides intern and new hires with the opportunity to leverage their academic understanding in a real-world, business-driven environment. Students are afforded opportunities for beneficial, meaningful work experience in one of several project groups: Business Analytics, Project Management, Business Process Transformation, Data Driven Technology, Infrastructure and Software Development.

Opportunities are available in the following locations: Somers, NY, Chicago, IL, and Plano, TX.

Lindsey Terry, SAP Management Analyst career possibilities

Lindsey Terry

SAP Management Analyst

When I was an intern...
I began working for PepsiCo in January 2012, and was immediately brought onto a project focusing on globalization of one of the applications used only in North America. I worked on this project through all phases of its lifecycle contributing to key IT project tasks such as requirements gathering, process documentation, business analysis and testing procedures. Through daily meetings with key stakeholders from all over the world, I gained important cultural knowledge and was able to build a network globally. In preparation for the project “Go Live,” I was sent to train end-users in Australia and Thailand. As a recent college graduate, I was shocked that I would be given the opportunity to have that sort of impact. The amount of support from senior leadership and the amount of visibility given to recent graduates goes unmatched to PepsiCo.

Why I chose PepsiCo...
There were several reasons that caused me to choose to work for PepsiCo. Throughout the recruiting process with PepsiCo, the people I met genuinely radiated the pride they had for the company. I heard about all of the programs related to college graduates, the amount of opportunity I would be given and the people that made PepsiCo one of the best places to work. I knew the amount of passion inspiring the people I came in contact with could not be feigned. PepsiCo is a household name throughout the world as a food and beverage corporation. It is hard to turn on the television or go anywhere without seeing a PepsiCo product or symbol. I wanted to be part of that sort of impact. PepsiCo places a high value on work/life balance. After hearing about initiatives such as One Simple Thing, the numerous health and fitness programs, and flexible work hours, I knew I would not have to sacrifice my personal life to have the career I wanted.

School: Texas A&M University
Major: Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems
Graduation Date: December 2011

Ryan Olaveson, BIS Intern career possibilities

Ryan Olaveson

BIS Intern


When I was an intern...
As a member of a Change Management team, I facilitated change advisory board meetings, handled relationships with customers to ensure they followed process and completed required documentation. Even as an intern, I knew I was adding value. My coworkers treated me like a member of the team and expected me to perform - and they helped me do so! With the other interns, I attended special functions where I learned from some of PepsiCo’s senior leaders and got to ask them questions. I toured R&D and plant facilities, and learned a great deal about how PepsiCo functions as a whole. By the end of my internship I had gained an understanding of what it would be like to work at PepsiCo full-time, and I was excited that I was given the chance to return.

Why I chose PepsiCo...
PepsiCo is a results-driven company. The people who work here are not content to simply meet the status quo – they push the limits to find new and innovative ways of doing business. I wanted to be part of that. I knew PepsiCo would make me stretch. And that’s what makes you feel good when you go home at night – knowing that you are not only helping the company succeed, but that you are growing and succeeding as an individual. The career possibilities at PepsiCo are endless. I love to learn new things, and I knew that working at PepsiCo would give me opportunities to learn new things every day. The collaborative culture at PepsiCo is fantastic. I’m never hesitant to ask other employees for help. Everyone is working toward a common goal and is willing to do what is necessary to achieve that goal.The culture at PepsiCo is fantastic. The core leadership team has created an environment that is competitive and fast-paced and where we achieve high-reaching goals, but this does not come at the expense of other important parts of life. The work-life balance is wonderful. My schedule flexes around my family’s needs, not the other way around. I was drawn to PepsiCo because of “Performance with Purpose.” I resonated with the company’s goal to deliver sustainability in the world. By joining PepsiCo, I knew that I would be working with people who took pride in what they accomplished and had a desire to give back to the communities they served, the environment, and their coworkers.

School: Brigham Young University
Major: Masters of Information Systems Management
Graduation Date: April 2013

"The amount of support and visibility given to graduates by senior leadership at PepsiCo is unmatched anywhere else."

What's Next?

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