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About HR at PepsiCo

Functional expertise involves the development of business teams, administration of HR management systems and the identification of staffing needs. Execution of processes and the handling of daily HR-based transactions provide direct and technical support to the business. Business partnership allows HR professionals to actively participate in the business and learn our ongoing challenges. This allows our HR team to match the right solutions, ideas, skills, people and processes to the specific needs of their business units. You will be able to leverage your functional knowledge and skills with the needs of the business in ways that create measurable results. Creating valuable change in line with the business agenda defines our overall contribution to the results of the business unit. At PepsiCo, we reserve a spot for you at the leadership table, but it’s up to you to earn your voice and make an impact.

Arik Orbach, HR Senior Representative career possibilities

Arik Orbach

HR Senior Representative

Human Resources

When I was an intern...

My time as a HR Intern was spent in our Northeast Region and more specifically in the Boston area. While an intern, I felt very fortunate to have the opportunity to be involved in various and unique projects. My main focus or project however revolved around improving the frontline onboarding process. In order to do this, my key objective was to assess all components of the onboarding process, identify sources of opportunity, offer recommendations for improvement, and finally implement those recommendations as well as key evaluative metrics. Diving a bit deeper into how I achieved this objective, I first had to understand the process in its entirety which meant partnering with various functions within the location/Organization. I then needed to recognize the value of this process by determining how it affected our P&L as well as other potential benefits that could yield from improvement (i.e. faster time to productivity, reduction in turnover, improved Org Health scores). In turn, I examined our current situation and identified a solution, which included creating a more streamlined process that instills more accountability into it. Additionally, I created an electronic toolkit that those involved in the process could utilize to make it a very turnkey solution. Finally, I recognized ways we could measure our success including implementation of key evaluative metrics.

Other projects and learnings from my summer included being heavily involved in our Market’s Wage & Benefit Review, enhancing our Women’s Employee Resource Group (ERG) for the Region, assisting with a huge change management initiative involving a new and innovative way to deliver our products to market, and a Frito-Lay work-with to get more in tune with our broader business.

Why I chose PepsiCo...

  1. Personal and Professional Development: It is truly evident that PepsiCo as an Organization makes an investment in your development as a Human Resource Professional and career as a whole. The challenges that come with working in a complex organization such as PepsiCo combined with the fast pace environment allow for rapid career growth. The critical experiences you endure also add to your personal development. That being said, simultaneously, the value of work-life balance is not sacrificed amidst this work-hard, play-hard culture.
  2. Functional Expertise: In regards to top-notch HR organizations, PepsiCo is world class. Whether a generalist or specialist, you have countless opportunities to dive deep into various areas of HR and over time, collect all the “pieces” to truly master the HR profession.
  3. Reach of Impact: You are ultimately placed in your role and in a particular location because there is a real time business need there. Embodying both a HR Professional and a Business Partner, you have opportunities to build your credibility and create impact almost immediately not just within HR but throughout the business across various functions.

My internship experience was a fantastic snapshot of what a future with PepsiCo could look like. I can firmly say that as I approach my one year anniversary as a full-time employee with the Organization, it is truly unbelievable how quickly my development and career growth have accelerated in such a short time period. I could not be more excited to see what my future holds with so many different career paths and Possibilities with PepsiCo!

School: Michigan State University
Major: MBA Human Resources Management
Graduation Date: May 2013

Tyler Micenheimer, HR Director career possibilities

Tyler Micenheimer

HR Director

Human Resources

My adventure thus far...

I interned with PepsiCo during grad-school in a group called Tropicana Chilled Direct Store Delivery based in Chicago. I was lucky enough to return to that group when I graduated, where I worked for the next 10 months supporting a population of around 200 route sales employees. After that role, I transitioned into a series of Gatorade plant-level roles in Atlanta, then in Orlando where I was the site HRM. While I was in this role PepsiCo merged with the bottlers, and I was fortunate enough to pick up 7 small distribution centers on the legacy bottler side of the business. This role gave me a unique experience and vantage point, straddling two newly merged companies during the excitement of the post-merger integration work.

Finally, after a year in that role, I transitioned into my current role as a Senior HRM in St Louis, MO. In this role I support a large, complex unionized workforce in St Louis, Farmington, and Springfield, MO. I also have responsibility for the Foodservice team for my region.

My proudest moment at PepsiCo...

I think the work I've been the most proud of at PepsiCo has been my involvement in campus recruiting for HR professionals at the University of Illinois. I've been fortunate enough to be on the HR recruiting team for the last four years, and it’s been tremendously rewarding to have a leadership role in building a strong bench of HR talent within PepsiCo. Seeing our average U of I campus class grow from when I was first recruited on campus has really made me proud, both as a member of the PepsiCo team and as an alum of University of Illinois.

I chose PepsiCo because...

When I was recruiting for internships in grad-school, I had a class with a student a few semesters ahead of me that had just finished her internship with PepsiCo. She said something that really resonated with me, and has proven to be true 5 years later. PepsiCo is a company where you can punch your own ticket. If you’re willing to take on roles that are beyond your comfort zone, adapt to change, and maybe move geographically a few times in the process, the sky is the limit. Aside from that, PepsiCo has a reputation (for good reason) for being a proving ground for the best and brightest in the HR function. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that?!

How I bring my whole self to work...

It’s never really occurred to me that there was any other way to come to work! PepsiCo is such a diverse, open work environment that I’ve never felt a need to be anything other than myself. I didn’t even hide the fact that I’m a Chicago Cubs fan when I moved to St Louis!

School: University of Illinois
Major: Master's - Human Resources and Industrial Relations
Graduation Date: December 2008

"PepsiCo is such a diverse, open work environment that I’ve never felt a need to be anything other than myself. "

What's Next?

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