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Learn more about the college sales program and infinite possibilities at PepsiCo.

About Sales at PepsiCo

PepsiCo is looking for new hires to understand and learn our selling foundation using fact-based selling skills and deliver exceptional customer service. We also encourage creativity and entrepreneurial skills to grow volume & revenue to achieve profitability goals for the assigned territory. Leadership plays a large role within the sales functions and requires that sales associates interact with Customers executing sales programs and initiatives and deliver sales presentations to customers as required. For MBA candidates, we have opportunities that support advertising, marketing, sales and promotions to Pepsi bottlers and food service customers. The National Sales & Strategy team leads strategic planning and directs the national account retail selling.

Bob Wang, Sales Key Account Manager career possibilities

Bob Wang

Sales Key Account Manager


When I was an intern...
I created a Target University Deck that outlined our “Go-To-Market” strategies as well as a local selling process to secure incremental display space. By partnering with the local Account Manager, I led 17 separate Target University classes across two Regions. Attendees included all levels of front line sales employees and key sales operation leaders. The region scored “green,” which is the highest score in the Target Vendor Scorecard 3 out of 4 months after class commencement. Prior to engaging on this project, the region scored “green” only once in three years.

Why I chose PepsiCo...
I chose PepsiCo because there are multiple career path I can take to reach my goals. By allowing me to explore my interests, I get to learn different facets of the business while doing interesting and challenging work. This puts me in a better position to take on “stretch” assignments which ultimately drive my long-term career satisfaction.

School: Santa Clara University
Major: MBA, General Business
Graduation Date: June 2010

Janelle Noelanders, Sales Intern career possibilities

Janelle Noelanders

Sales Intern


When I was an intern...
The development, coordination and implementation of a strategic launch plan for a major innovation initiative is one of the proudest moments I have had at PepsiCo. It also had one of the biggest positive impacts on our business, specifically throughout my local market. The success of this launch plan required collaboration, commitment, and effective communication across multiple departments and work groups, engaging employees, customers and consumers to rally behind one of our largest product launches of the year. Ultimately, the entire team executed the plan, enabling one of the facilities within the market to achieve the second highest sales in the country on this new item for the launch time frame and exceeding our Region target two weeks early. Achieving the given stretch targets and celebrating the win together strengthened the teamwork throughout the market and gave us positive momentum to start a new year.

Why I chose PepsiCo...
Being a very loyal person who is extremely competitive by nature, I wanted a loyal company that offered career growth in a fast-paced, competitive environment – a company where I can continue to grow and gain critical developmental experiences while also elevating the performance of the business.

School: Western Michigan University
Major: Business Advertising/Marketing & Fasion Merchandising
Graduation Date: April 2006

Jessica Garcia, Pepsi Sales District Leader career possibilities

Jessica Garcia

Pepsi Sales District Leader


The idea of moving far from home for your first job might seem a bit daunting, but not for Jessica. Jessica was recruited by PepsiCo at a career fair in 2010 and during the interview process she quickly felt surrounded by an extended family. The employees she had the opportunity to meet, along with the encouragement from her parents made the decision to move to Texas and join PepsiCo an easy one.

Jessica’s extended family has grown tremendously over the years. She has had the opportunity to work in four different positions, gaining exposure to different aspects of the business and learning new skills along the way. Through her various roles and responsibilities, Jessica uncovered a passion for management. She now manages a team and credits her co-workers and the possibilities at PepsiCo for empowering her internal mobility.

”All of the critical experiences helped me to learn the business cold. I’ve done the roles from the bottom up and it has given me the knowledge I need to do my current role and next role successfully. “

Jessica visits her family and friends in Kansas as often as possible, but it is safe to say she has found her second home at PepsiCo. Jessica enjoys working for an innovative and changing company that has offered her the opportunity to discover new passions and have a job that she loves.

Caitlin Lucas, Sales District Leader career possibilities

Caitlin Lucas

Sales District Leader


Caitlin developed a competitive edge and an appreciation for teamwork through her early involvement in soccer.  She quickly focused on finding a career that would allow her to incorporate these qualities after she earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from Middle Tennessee State University.  Caitlin joined PepsiCo in 2009 when she discovered a sales career at PepsiCo would allow her the opportunity to integrate her passion for competing and commitment to collaboration.

Caitlin started her career as a member of a tenured sales team and recently moved into a role as a Sales District Leader.   She is currently managing her own team and working with over 200 customers to assist them in growing their business.  Caitlin loves the rewarding aspect of sales, as well as the fulfillment of helping her team work together to successfully impact the business.  To her, building relationships and delivering results is intensely gratifying.

On and off the field, Caitlin demonstrates the rewarding possibilities of hard work and collaboration.  When Caitlin is not competing in sales, she can be found playing soccer and spending time with her husband and 2 dogs.   


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