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Learn more about the supply chain and operations career path at PepsiCo

About Supply Chain / Operations at PepsiCo

Opportunities are provided through varying assignments in Production, Warehouse, Maintenance, Quality, and Fleet Operations. Assignments are based on functional knowledge vs. defined time periods. Based on performance, candidates will have the unique opportunity to move rapidly to increasing levels of responsibility leading to managerial positions. Keep in mind, when you work for PepsiCo, you will have access to a variety of operating environments within the Beverage, Foods and Corporate environments. Just think, you can work for power brands such as Pepsi, Tropicana, Gatorade, Quaker & Frito-Lay and still work within the same company!

Garrett Nording, Supply Chain Intern career possibilities

Garrett Nording

Supply Chain Intern

Supply Chain

When I was an intern...
My Internship project focused on Resource Conservation. The Kansas City plant had a few areas of potentially huge cost saving opportunities in areas of air and electricity.

The electrical component consisted of working with the city’s power company to better understand peak usage and how it impacted our costs. I was able to gain a better understanding of the city’s billing methods and how we can use that as a tool for starting, stopping, and running the various machines in the plant or stopping them all together.

I worked with our regional engineer for the area, on deciding the best way to approach this topic. Air waste came from mainly leaks throughout each air-line as well as splicing off a new line, to a different part of the machine. The compressor running all manufacturing lines was analyzed allowing us to decide the appropriate size and settings for adequate supply to all of the lines throughout the facility. Air leaks costs the company money in utilities and efficiency.

Each portion of the project took time in evaluating the opportunity and working with the proper people for achieving success. The main take-away from my internship was that past practices are not the only way to solve problems. I learned to figure out alternative solutions to challenges that would allow the whole team to succeed.

Why I chose PepsiCo...
I chose PepsiCo for all of the opportunities that it has to offer. It is a fast-paced company that keeps work challenging and rewarding on a consistent basis.

School: North Dakota State University
Major: Industrial Engineering and Management
Graduation Date: December 2013

Tracy Geisel, Health, Safety & Environmental Manager career possibilities

Tracy Geisel

Health, Safety & Environmental Manager

PepsiCo Bottling Company

In 1988 Tracy was traveling to grocery stores in Ohio asking people to take the Pepsi Challenge. Countless times she would ask people, "Which do you prefer?" and was never surprised when Pepsi was consistently picked as the preferred taste. Twenty five years later she's still hooked on one of PepsiCo's most popular brands, Pepsi.

Tracy has taken full advantage of the career possibilities at PepsiCo by working in a number of different roles at a variety of locations including Ohio, Michigan, and New York. Her career journey recently led her to a Gatorade facility in Atlanta where in her new management role she is responsible for the health and safety of PepsiCo employees.

"I love to help people anyway I can. Being a Safety Manager, I'm able to get right in there and help people with their day to day routines."

Tracy credits her internal mobility to PepsiCo's assistance during college, available training, and support from co-workers and leadership. It's the inspiration she gets from her peers that drives her love of going in to work every day and being part of the PepsiCo family.

"I learned to figure out alternative solutions to challenges that would allow the whole team to succeed."

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