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PepsiCo’s diverse and innovative supply chain enables our continued growth by providing a sustainable competitive advantage. It’s our passion to create the best products for our global consumer base and to make and deliver them safely, quickly and accurately. Innovation that drives these processes can be found in every level of PepisCo’s supply chain. The future of PepsiCo will be shaped by our commitment to hiring the best talent and making them even better – building strong, diverse, and nimble teams while providing people with rewarding and challenging careers.

"My proudest moments are when I can help develop new leaders and frontline employees. It’s so rewarding to contribute to their success and see them get promoted."

Stephanie Hills, Demand Planner career possibilities

Stephanie Hills

Demand Planner


Stephanie began her career with PepsiCo as a temporary employee at the QTG (Quaker, Tropicana, and Gatorade) warehouse in Tracy, California.

“The position was supposed to be temporary,” says Stephanie, “but the folks there found me to be a great asset and it led me in directions I never imagined.”

Over the course of three years, Stephanie traveled to six different states and developed a specialty in training new employees. She was also cross-trained in multiple positions, and was eventually hired on full-time as an inventory control specialist.

“My manager at the time was fully invested in my success as a person and with my career at PepsiCo,” she says. “That’s been a common theme with all of my subsequent managers.”

Throughout her career journey, Stephanie has held a variety of other roles including delivery processor, back-up transportation scheduler, supply planner and, most recently, demand planner. One of her proudest moments was the completion of an organizational health video that focuses on PepsiCo’s Performance with Purpose platform. Along the way, her managers encouraged her to go back to school and earn a degree by taking advantage of PepsiCo’s tuition reimbursement program.

“I chose to stay with Pepsi because I was encouraged to be a better person. The environment is inclusive, and everyone I’ve worked with has become a friend,” she says. “PepsiCo invests in your future, believes in you, and provides opportunity if you seek it out and work hard for it. I’ve gained an abundance of confidence in my abilities, and I truly believe working for PepsiCo has been the best thing that could have ever happened to me.”

When asked to sum up her PepsiCo experience, Stephanie proudly proclaims, “The sky is the limit in developing yourself, and in your ability to positively impact the world around you.”

Manny Valente, Production Manager career possibilities

Manny Valente

Production Manager


Manny Valente found himself at PepsiCo because he wanted to be part of a global organization.

“I wanted to be in a fast-paced and challenging environment that would give me the opportunity to excel,” he says. “That’s exactly what I found at PepsiCo.”

He started with the organization in 2003 as a product availability supervisor at the Piscataway, New Jersey plant. He was later promoted to production supervisor and successfully completed the Bottle/Can Line University in 2006. Manny further diversified his skills in supply chain operations when he was promoted to quality control supervisor, and later into the maintenance organization. In 2012, he became a maintenance supervisor and performed that role until another promotion made him a department manager in production.

One of his proudest PepsiCo moments was playing a leading role in helping the plant pass the rigorous AIB food safety audit in the first year of the program. The strong performance of Manny and his team helped set the tone for other PepsiCo plants to reach new heights for quality and safety.

Manny describes his PepsiCo experience with two just words: “fast and furious.”

Erik Taylor, Manufacturing Leader career possibilities

Erik Taylor

Manufacturing Leader


Although Eric’s career started with PepsiCo in 1997, he’s been a part of the family since 1986, when his father started working in our Munster, Indiana plant as a tank washer.

“The day my dad got his first paycheck from PepsiCo, he took all of the neighborhood boys out for ice-cream. My dad seemed so proud,” says Eric. “I still remember how happy he was heading out for the night shift wearing his Pepsi blue shirt. One day he took me to work and I was just staring in amazement at the can line. I think that was the day we both realized I would probably work for PepsiCo when I grew up.”

Eric joined the company in college, working summers as a night loader in that same Munster plant. He started full-time in 1999 as a machine operator on a fill line. This was the start of Eric’s journey, and since then he has worked across several areas of PepsiCo’s supply chain, including operations, warehousing, quality and production. He’s been promoted several times and is now the manufacturing leader in our St. Louis, Missouri plant.

Eric’s focus and tenacity have helped him create a very positive experience for himself and others at PepsiCo. “I’ve been extremely fortunate to work my way up through different positions, and I’ve received many acknowledgments and rewards along the way,” he says. “But my proudest moments are when I can help develop new leaders and frontline employees. It’s so rewarding to contribute to their success and see them get promoted.

Khari Olsen, Production Supervisor career possibilities

Khari Olsen

Production Supervisor


Khari was immediately attracted to PepsiCo’s Campus Development Program and started her journey in Virginia’s New River Valley facility. As a campus hire, she was given the opportunity to supervise the frontline workforce almost immediately. She then transitioned into production, assisting with audits and line improvements, and would later make positive contributions as a warehouse supervisor in Piscataway, New Jersey.

In her most recent role as a production supervisor, Khari works on major process improvement projects and partners with the maintenance, quality and safety teams to drive high performance across the board. She’s proud of the role she played when her facility experienced a rare and unexpected ammonia leak. All employees were immediately evacuated, and over the following week she oversaw her team’s temporary relocation and partnership with a neighboring PepsiCo facility.

“Both teams showed such passion and commitment to rise through the challenges without complaint,” says Khari. “That event only heightened my respect for my coworkers, and they inspired me to handle complex challenges with the same level of professionalism. Through the various roles I’ve held, I’ve learned the challenges each department faces and the balance required to be a successful plant and company.”

Wherever her work takes her, Khari proudly touts her plant’s motto: “Pepsi Piscataway: Addicted to Success, Allergic to Failure.”

Deardra Griffin, Plant Director career possibilities

Deardra Griffin

Plant Director


Deardra is a plant director supporting the Quaker Foods business in Chicago, Illinois. She started her career at PepsiCo in Las Vegas as a warehouse manager, and over time she’s worked at several plants throughout our foods and beverage businesses. In more than ten years working for PepsiCo, she has participated in several major change implementations to help the company prepare for the future and uphold its industry-leading status. Her proudest moment at PepsiCo involved the turnaround of the Chicago 51st Street Plant.

In a plant with a heavy union presence, Deardra and her team worked to bring various groups together in pursuit of common goals. They instituted employee-based work groups to help resolve conflicts, and developed new ways to celebrate successes as a united team.

“I was able to help change the culture in our plant to create a spirit of true collaboration,” she says. “It was an honor and privilege to be a part of such a success story.”

As a result of her work, Deardra received the PepsiCo True Excellence Award under the category of “Respect Each Other.”

When asked what word or phrase best describes her experience with PepsiCo, Deardra says: “Looks like work, feels like family.” “PepsiCo empowers leaders to make decisions to reach required business results,” she says. “It takes courage, confidence and skill. And when it’s done correctly, it is very rewarding.”

“PepsiCo empowers leaders to make decisions to reach required business results. It takes courage, confidence and skill. And when it’s done correctly, it is very rewarding.”


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