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Assistant Manager-Manufacturing

Kolkata, India
Manufacturing and Production

India - English

Job Description

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Job Description

Main Purpose – what is the main objective/purpose of the role? (Max 2-3 lines summarizing the role)

  • Deployment of workmen on respective work stations as per plan
  • Ensuring compliance to shift production targets as per FLI quality and hygiene standards (AVC, NE, Small compliance etc.)
  • Ensuring minimal wastage, optimum manpower utilization, and optimal usage of consumables & operating at maximum efficiencies (Efficiencies, DL, and Productivity etc.)
  • Ensuring accurate and timely record keeping and data entry (shift log books, CCP records, Why-Why analysis & safety & statutory records)
  • Ensuring line discipline during production – OT, Absenteeism, self relieving etc.
  • Enabling the implementation of a quality, hygiene, safety & TPM culture that promotes company growth
  • Batch closing and stock verification in Day store. (KCs)
  • Data analysis & troubleshooting
  • Machine up-keeping

Accountabilities – list in priority order the main accountabilities/deliverables of the role, including key measures. These should be clearly the responsibilities of the JOB HOLDER.

  • Ensuring support to manufacturing manager in meeting the production targets with optimum efficiencies
  • Coordinating with manager in deciding the optimum combination of machines, operating lines and SKU combinations for the shift based on the capacities and dispatch priorities - Informing the packaging leader of the plan
  • Ensuring minimal waste + rejects and maximum capacity utilization in shift
  • Ensuring smooth and efficient running of all lines and minimum downtime
  • Ensuring SOPs are followed by operators
  • Co-operating with dispatch to provide right combination of products, in time for dispatch as per plan
  • Ensuring all quality related parameters are met during production
  • Ensuring timely information to Agro in case of potato related quality problems and Quality Dept. in case of any other quality related problems
  • Physically issuing and returning goods from stores on a daily/ shift wise basis as per production plan
  • Ensuring shop-floor hygiene, food safety, product quality, packaging quality, TPM circles, Safety at the top during operation all the times.
  • Preparing the weekly/monthly manpower plan for the permanent workers based on the production plan – preparing the shift roster and displaying it on the notice board
  • Preparing the manpower plan for contract workers on a daily basis
  • Redeploying people based on competencies or gaps identified at a particular work station so as to build the capability of people and line
  • Ensuring timely, accurate updating and maintenance of information related to department performance
  • Ensuring disruption free operation by addressing shop-floor dispute of workers and don’t let such arguments to crop up as IR issues/unionized issues.
  • Shop-floor communications on various targets, opportunities area, market feedback, month’s targets, score cards etc.
  • Contributing towards small continuous improvements in plant through SGAs
  • Ensure adherence to core PepsiCo processes like KPI setting, Mid-Year Review & PDR.
  • Implementation of change initiatives and supporting continuous improvement in department
  • Motivating and coaching team members towards developing a high performing and skilled production team
  • Maintaining discipline at shop floor and handle grievances at their own level before they become a common cause
  • Working with HR on imparting training to multi skill the operatives and periodic changed contractual manpower on basics requirements of the shop-floor
  • Supporting the production manger in ensuring training plan compliance of employees
Internal Posting - Additional Job Description Content Job Dimensions – what is the scope of the role – volume, net revenue, budget, geography, number of customers, number of sites etc for THIS role?

  • Volume compliance: NE,TE, AVC
  • Budget: Operate within AOP budgets for consumables, material usage as per BOM and Overtime of operatives
  • Geography: One complete shift in the plant ( Incharge of the complete factory operations in night shifts)
  • No of customers: Outbound logistics, Quality, Consumers, vendors etc.
  • No of sites: One ( 7 production lines)
Main interactions within & outside organization / External & Internal Environmental Factors – Key job roles both internally and externally that the job-holder interacts with on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. What is the nature of the interaction? What are the complexities of the environment in which this position exists?

  • Internally – All reportees, Quality Manager, Manufacturing Manager, HR Manager , Plant Head, RM Stores Incharge, Plant Supply Chain Manager, Safety Manager, TPM manager, Agro manager
  • Externally – vendors, MOS, RETs, central engineering team


Key Skills/Experience Required – specific education/certification, specific functional experience, language etc NEEDED for the job. Please note that this is not necessarily the incumbent’s personal background.

  • Education: B.E, B. Tech/M.Sc. ( Food Technology)
  • Functional Experience: Approx 5-7 years of experience
  • Language: English, vernacular language, Hindi

  • Experience in a FMCG industry ( preferably food industry)
  • Experience of leading a large team comprising of operators and contract workers
  • Exposure to other companies’ manufacturing systems and shop floor culture
Commercial/ financial dexterity

Relocation Eligible: Not Eligible for Relocation