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KPI Admin

Bucuresti, Romania
Manufacturing and Production

Romania - English

Job Description

Auto req ID: 161737BR

Job Description

  • Analyzes and reports Plant performance on a daily-weekly-monthly basis;
  • Contributes to month end closing according to PepsiCo’s PBR calendar;
  • Creates and initiates analysis of periodical reports;
  • Reports to region weekly or monthly Plant Efficiency KPIs;
  • Liaises with Snacks Plant departments regarding KPI’s improvement;
  • Responsible for the maintenance of the functionality of SAP System by acquiring and updating the product formulas, in order to reflect the latest info about products and to be capable to provide data about daily actions. Additionally, SAP consists one of the key parts of AOP process.
  • Performing Plant productivity/efficiency trainings to OPS personnel;
  • Active participation to the requested Plant department meetings;
  • Pro-actively initiatives and works with Plant peers and superiors in order to increase overall plant; management efficiency and cost improvements;
  • Responsible for AOP & FCST process as per followings:
  1. Productivities & capex:

  • Productivity & capex meetings for all projects;
  • Productivity & capex calculations for all projects and reconciliation with associated capexes for productivities projects;
  • Meetings with Finance department to review together capexes and productivities;
  • Providing final productivity data per project to Finance team;
  • Introducing productivity data in PS (Power Steering) and reconciliation with finance & sector teams;
  • Introducing capex data in GB (Global Brain) and reconciliation with finance & sector teams;
  • Creating capex & project in GB / PS for AOP/FCST process;
  • Uploading CAR in GB for all capexes;
  • Preparing the GET FIT presentation;
  • Offering support to plant departments by calculating the new project feasibility /IRR.
  1. MOH:

  • Meeting with all plant departments for Fix MOH cost and Headcount;
  • Consolidating MOH expenses for all cost centers;
  • Sending the draft FMOH file to all budget holders and meeting them for reconciliation;
  • Meetings with technical department for VMOH cost/ send draft file for VMOH and reconciliation all based on received volume from Finance team and productivity projects;
  • Reconciliation with finance team and sending the final file to them;
  • Communicating the approved COMM (Cost of Manufacturing) to plant team;
  • Preparing the GET FIT presentation.

  1. DC:

  • Preparing the zbr (zero based) for all AOP sku’s;
  • Calculating direct cost & DLH (Direct Label Hours) based on received volume from Finance team;
  • Calculating OVT for direct labour and MOH-FIX according to the shift pattern;
  • Reconciliation with finance team and sending the final file to them;
  • Reporting AOP figures in sector templates;
  • AOP Costing analyse;
  • Calculating 1% according to AOP;
  • Offering support and facilitating SBP (Strategic Business Plan) Productivity Agenda ensuring 5% compressible cost reduction, and building from Financial point of view a stretched and detailed budget.

  • Responsible for month closing process as per followings:

  1. Productivities & Capex:

  • Building monthly productivity reports for all plant projects (make, co-owned, ve);
  • Monthly e-mail communication of productivities, variance vs. AOP/latest FCST before update data in PS;
  • Updating all the productivity projects in PowerSteering;
  • Downloading the productivity monthly report from GB/PS and reporting monthly productivities in Ops scorecard, COMM analysis and other templates at sector request (TTL Cost template, yellow page, PBR (periodical business review), etc);
  • Monthly updating all the capex data in GB;
  • Reporting monthly capex data in Ops scorecard, COMM analysis and other templates at sector request (TTL Cost template, yellow page, PBR, etc);
  • Updating monthly the data in MyEHS system;
  • Participating to monthly capexes and productivity review meetings for YTD analysis.

  1. MOH:

  • Providing reports of recorded invoices from SAP to all Plant deptaments;
  • Calculating the accruals for all the invoices that were not received for FMOH & VMOH;
  • Consolidating the MOH costs for Plant;
  • Sending email to Controlling department with all the accruals to be booked;
  • Reconciliation with Controlling department;
  • Consolidating all production cost;
  • Calculating the PPVS vs. AOP, YAG and reconciliation with finance team;
  • Calculating the theoretical hours based on monthly production;
  • Calculating the KPI’s labour packaging file, production hours for all production lines, etc;
  • Calculating and consolidating the TN Eff & MW reports for all production lines and upload them into Global Metrics and Measure Up;
  • Preparing all the OPS reporting files and ensure that all deadlines are respected: OPS Scorecard, Romania Unit Cost Template, DC& MOH template, YTD KPI’s presentation, PBR, Yellow page, etc.
  • Prepares and presents monthly Plant cost in all the Plant meetings needed;
  • Calculating machine hours according with Logicode packaging management system;
  • Preparing and introducing recipes in SAP according to master data emails;
  • SAP Key user (testing data and programs in SAP).
  • Offering support in developing and implementation of Lean QCDM process by daily check & lock TE reports for all production lines;
  • Providing ongoing support in developing Production FLM's and FLO's regarding True & Net Efficiency on daily basis in order to improve efficiency number accuracy and reduce the adjustments.
  • Neff reports updates;
  • Offering support for Lean QCDM implementation by calculating and reporting weekly and MTD TE % for all production lines.


  • Qualifications:
  • Studies: Superior studies - economical faculty is an advantage.
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in planning/scheduling.
  • Abilities:
  • SAP system knowledge.
  • Microsoft Office and other related tools (Excel- Advanced, Word, Outlook PPT).

Relocation Eligible: Not Applicable
Job Type: Regular