Latam Process Manager

Job Description

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Job Description

Represent LATAM on the TC & EXT global technical community by:

  • Responsible for the Best Practice exchange program between LATAM and Global.
  • Lead definition and alignment of the BIC (Best in class) plant / line related to TC & EXT platform to drive KPI (Key Performance Indicator) used for AOP / PSP targets.
  • Drive alignment on the Center Line definition for global lines, assuring global standards of equipments and vendors to deliver Operational results.
  • Lead validation workflows on the CapEx analises for new lines and plants assuring operational necessity undertanding from other areas (Enginnering, Procurement, Finance and R&D).
  • Develop and manage Strategy to deploy Technical People Capability Program across LATAM Operations focused on Product and Process for Tortilla Chip (TC) & Extruder (EXT) Platforms (12 Countries, 25 Plants, 90 Lines TC & EXT) by:
  • Manage deployment of Train the Trainers “Performance Based Training (PBT)” Program assuring to deliver operational capabilities to field teams by sustained certificaction of Site Experts & Trainers (SETs) for all Manufacturing sites in Latam (By YE 2018 240 SETS).
  • Assure Capability Program Internal replication at site level which implies Certified Trainers delivering trainings to Line Operators, Quality Facilitators, Maintenance Technicians, Production Supervisors (about 700 internal headcounts impacted yearly).
  • Align with Ops Directors/VPs the required Capability structure at site level to drive compliance on SET role and accountabilities. Address deviations vs Capability Matrix, and/or management opportunities at site level that compromise Program deliverables.
  • Lead Strategy to drive and maintain standards for equipment/processes and technical competence for field operations through deployment of Global “Improved Performance & Specificactions” (IPS) audit program for Tortilla Chip (TC) & Extruder (EXT) Platforms (12 Countries, 25 Plants, 90 Lines TC & EXT) by:
  • Define together with Global Ops technical improvements on IPS standards for Best In Class future operation.
  • Manage audit criteria and scope to ensure technical alignment of production lines to meet global standards for Performance, Quality and Safety.
  • Assure compliance on the resulting action plan (coming from audit results)and proper process governance through Matrix Relationship with 25 LATAM Site Managers/Directors to improve production lines conditions. Address key IPS deviations affecting Performance/Quality/Safety with Operations Directors & VPs.
  • Define and deploy required workflows/strategic collaboration processes with Quality, HSE, Manteinance, Continuous Improvement & Productivity leaders in Operations to stablish cross functional accountabilities necessary to improve Manufacturing cost through IPS and convert it into an “Operational Culture”.
  • Through the Productivity Pipeline, assess and develop deployment plan for new best practices and Breakthrough Innovation technologies for field operations driving alignment with Ops Leadership/R&D/Engineering/Finance for AOP/PSP. Ensure that technical rigor and robust evaluation are complete for effective field ready innovations.
  • Align strategic collaborations with regional/local teams for the deployment of a sustained governance process to improve manufacturing cost by reducing impact of poor Raw Material quality on plant efficiencies (Discount Policies with Agro/Procurement, Quality Consession processes alignment with QC/R&D).
  • Lead the Asset Maximization Strategy for Latam to enable capacity loss reduction (True Efficiency improvement) for production lines delivering 43500 Tons/yr of addiotional production for Salty in PSP scope (focusing in TC & EXT platforms) by:
  • Develop and deploy tools to identify process deviations restricting Capacity across 90 TC & EXT lines in 25 plants, and assure execution on resulting action plans to reach Global Capacity Standards.
  • Align strategic workflows with Latam Packaging Manager and with Planning leaders (Supply Chain) to enhance Packaging Performance focused on improve Bags per Minute (BPMs) and Tube Efficiency to Global standards.
  • Align AOP/PSP Capex Plan with Ops Leadership/Engineering/Finance to release technological bottlenecks in Process and Packaging across Latam production lines, addressing also all End to End enablers that allows the Business to benefit on the Capacity optimization (Warehouse and Distribution Center Network).
  • Manage interactions with “Controls & Information System” to promote continuous improvement of Delta T tool (online capacity loss tracking) and sustain funtionalinaty in the manufacturing sites to drive required capacity mapping capability in the field.
  • Lead technical and functional deployment of True Efficiency Deep Dive initiative on TC & EXT platforms optimizing both Waste and True Efficiency across 25 Latam Manufacturing sites.
  • Define together with Global Ops Process crewing standard for TC & EXT platforms and map current gap vs STD across Latam operations deploying adequation plans to drive MOD productivity.
  • Drive the Change-Management process on Latam Manufacturing sites by aligning with Sr. Leadership (VPs, Ops Directors, Excomms) on current opportunities detected in field operations related to People Technical Capabilities and Process/Product performance.
  • Lead the Technical Knowledge pillar of the “End to End” Quality Strategy for Latam to assure implementation and sustainability of the initiative across all Business Units.
Manage the deployment of technical projects (in alignment with Global Ops and regional Sustainability leader) to optimize Utilities consumption across 90 TC & EXT lines in Latam


Hard skills

  • Degree in Engineering Food/Process/Materials/Chemical/Mechanical.
  • 10 years of work experience in areas related to product & process.
  • 5 years-experience of Business Knowledge (retail / manufacturing products)
  • 5 years of functional knowledge: In depth knowledge of TC & EXT, Packaging and other technologies, as well as process factors impacting True Efficiency for the lines.
  • Corn Agronomics knowledge and experience.
  • In-depth understanding and application of business knowledge across the broader business environment, as well as understanding of supply chain constraints and operational optimization.
  • In depth knowledge of process factors impacting TE for the lines in order to address main opportunities for the region.
  • English (Fluent / native) Spanish (Fluent / native) Portugues (Fluent / native).
  • Office Package.
  • Must be willing to travel (Frequently 50% of time).

Soft Skills
  • Developed personal leadership. This role will interact with several stakeholders / functions (Leadership it's a must to success in the role)
  • Developed Analytical Skills: Capable of perform complex technical cause-effect / Trade Off analysis to develop and deliver integral improvement plans.
  • Training, coaching & Communication skills: Demonstrated technical expert knowledge in product and process, with training and coaching skills. Recognized as Process Expert for TC & EXT. PepsiCo specific knowledge.
  • Manage succesfull Matrix Relationships and deploy functional leadership across 25 plants in LATAM, ability to use personal influence, credibility and knowledge to get results through others.
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills (mandatory) with ability to influence others.
  • Results oriented & mission driven (Actively seeking for continuous improvement when delivering results in manufacturing area).
Willingness to confront and challenge status Quo. This role must promote / foster improvements.

Relocation Eligible: Not Eligible for Relocation
Job Type: Regular