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Job Description

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Job Description

Main Purpose:

Commercial Data Science & Technologies has experimented an outstanding growth in its relevance and impact in the SWE business . Therefore the function is now consolidated and has achieved a solid & robust position within the organization. PS started in 2017/18 delivering 1,8M of growth to the business (with a team of 2 persons) and now we have in plan to deliver +15M yearly starting from 2020. It becomes now one of the biggest pillars to succeed growing our business and achieve the ambition of becoming a 1B company in the following years.
As a consequence, the level of the roles which we interact within and outside the organization as well as complexity of the accountabilities of the position and stakeholders have increased substantially.
PS Team is responsible to lead the demand of requests to the Insights team to ensure we have enough ideas and information to unlock the growth of our categories in Retail

Within the Perfect Store Team, main purpose of this role is:

Foster Commercial Innovation tecnhnologies- This role will lead innovation & Technology capabilities agenda . This area is crtical to deliver the targeted growth for Perfect Store. Examples of 2020 Agenda are: To implement Image Recognition technology which should be deployed by Q4/2020, Virtual Reality, Digital Loyalty Program & Beacon Tag, In-store Lab…

This role is key to achieve our aspiration of “leading the agenda of Commercial Innovation Technologies in ESSA”. We want to become the leading-edge country in this area by proposing Smart and Impactful projects, implementing them and showing consistent results in pilots ant test. We also aim to be the country in top of mind in ESSA to pilot all new technology projects with clear impact in the business future growth. For that we need to be differentially good in agility, quality and robustness when implementing this pilots.

Unlock Non Customers Universes Potential by:
• Identifying reliable sources of Universes by Channel & Sub-channel
• Set the process and Organize non Customers by defining Assignation criteria
• Embrace the potential information provided by Insights and External Sector Data Science experts to identify the sales potential of non-customers and prioritize the opportunities to target our Hunting Team.

This position is key to deliver long term value while meeting short term sales targets.
In the last 3 years, projects created by the channel development team have the main growth platforms of the channels and have been recognized as the Best Practice in Europe (T.T. Segmentation project)


Deliver Growth

The role is going to be responsible of leading Technology Innovation within our Commercial Strategic Projects in all our Sales channels to create new platforms of growth. Projects from this team are considered key to achieve the Must Win Battles of the channels and main drivers for future sustainable growth (example: Segmentation project, Ready to Eat).

This role should:
1. Identify from different sources (Sector, Business Conferences & Events, Start ups …) interesting breakthrough technologies that allow us to unblock opportunities to growth in all channels (TT, OT, AFH).
• Embrace those new technologies, understand their potential and define how they can be used to maximize the accomplish our growth plan. Be able to demonstrate its value to the Executive Committee & Channel Directors
• Set and track the appropriate pilots to confirm its viability and expected results.
• Guarantee the proper implempentation, communication & Trainning plan to the Sales Force.
• Be the focal point of commercial innovation tecnhnologies in Sales.
• Project management working closely with Insights, Trade&Shopper marketing, Categorym sales, IT and SI&TP, among others, to ensure all the project deadlines are met.

2. In the Non-Customers Universes area. This role should guarantee that we have in place a process that enables the structure of those prospects among all the different Hunting Sales forces, and provide with quality information about potential Universes to prioritize and guide the Hunting targets. Tracking and giving visibility of the achieved results is also a key responsibility of the role. This role is the focal point in Sales Department for all that is related with Non Customers Universes

Create Efficiency
• Identify where we have potential to target Hunting and avoid non-productive calls.
• Provide programs and content to define the annual Sales meeting training, as one of the main building

Drive Future Success
• Identify opportunities and participate in creating Strategic Programs (+3 years). Example: Bars (13 M incremental Sales Opportunity).
• Drive future success by leading the implementation of New Technologies (In store lab, Image recognition, Artificial intelligence, location intelligence…)

• Ensure smooth landing of the different technologies and of the Non-Customer portfolio feeding process

Leadership Team Accountabilities
• Active participation in Retail Sales meetings and specific sales forces trainings (specialized GPV’s)
• Active participation in leading cross functional teams ensuring the different departments involved in each workstream of the project are informed and deliver the expected outputs, guaranteeing the success of the project.
• Ensure connection and influence with sales team to keep them focused in MWB.


- Minimum 5 years’ experience in FMCG’s preferable in 2 or more different areas as shopper Insights, Technologies…
- Bachelor in Engineering, Data Scientist, Economics or Management, Master will be valuable
- Strong analytical skills and technology interest mastering this knowledge.
- Project skills: Good at anticipating agenda & Calendar with a long term vision
- Need ability to transform concepts and ideas to implementable actions & concret plans with direct impact to the business.
- Ability to work in a cross functional environment and with collaboration spirit
- Empathic and strong communication skills to influence sales teams and other stake holders
- Fluent English Skills

Relocation Eligible: Not Applicable
Job Type: Regular