LD&T Manager, Snacks & Grains;休闲食品及谷物物流、配送及运输经理

Job Description

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Job Description

This is a PepsiCo career opportunity. This position is in PepsiCo China HQ. Please log onto www.pepsicojobs.com/main/china to find more career possibilities in PepsiCo China.

- Generate weekly MPS by brand by plant for the whole 5 in-house manufacturing plants
- Optimize supply route to better fulfill customer needs and minimize cost impact
- Coordinate with internal Supply Chain team to optimize production volume across the plants
- Coordinate with LD&T Logistics team and Dispatching Supervisor on plant-to-plant freight plan
- Capacity collection/review/evaluation for in-house manufacturing plants and MP plants
- Direct communication with each plant as contact window between BU and OU
- Generate MP production and dispatching planning
- I2 system upload, maintenance, running and improvement
- Forecast review with BU Sales Planning team
- Integrate LAF demand into the whole FG production planning and manually do the dispatching plan
- Quick response on Sales/MKT/TM projects and reflect those into weekly production plan to better support business growth
- People management, including PMP, interview, training/coaching, etc.

- Work out weekly MPS by brand by plant including:
- Weekly generate 3-4 month production plan (by plant by brand) based on weekly rolling FCST and lots of coordination/ communication with plant /Agro/GP/Engineering/Productivity/R&D/Logistics to get alignment on manufacturing resource plan, including labor plan, material plan, engineering project, R&D project, productivity project, economic logistic cost, etc.
- Consider all the constraints of line capacity/holiday impact/MOQ/potato/material stock/, unstable shipment trend, unbalanced DC stock, top account’s DM demand to maximize the supply and minimize cost impact.
- Timely adjust DC supply routes and work closely with logistics team to achieve cost effectiveness and productivity.
- Include production plan and dispatching plan of LAF products
- Weekly generate the detailed production demand (by plant by SKU) to integrate with weekly brand level production plan and share with plant planners/ for detailed scheduling arrangement and update on each Monday
- Daily follow up on plant output and generate production attainment report to share with manufacturing plants and management
- Weekly work out multi-pack production plan (by plant by SKU by day) under sufficient communication with BUTM project leaders, MWH managers, productivity team, NKA team, e-com team to ensure full quantity and on time arrival in DC. Timely adjust the MP plan to support demand changes and material issue. Coordinate with Quaker production planner to optimize plant capacity usage to include it in the whole MP plan. Manually do MP dispatching plan and do extra tracking report on production/dispatching/sales progress to ensure information transparent and decision making.
- Weekly I2 system maintenance and operation and work with BIS on system improvement
- Collect and statistics on plant capacity (monthly/weekly, by plant by line) to review/evaluate the balancing of capacity-demand-supply.
- Daily communication with plants, procurement team, Sales Planning, Trade Marketing and Supply Chain internal functions on demand FCST, material plan, potato plan, capacity plan to ensure supply plan can meet customer demand
- Join in all the innovation project meetings, feedback the comments, integrated it with the whole supply plan to achieve all the innovation timely launched with full. Too many communication/coordination with cross functional team. Manage the conflict across the functions to ensure no impact on innovation launching
- Regularly review and timely update safety stock by DC by SKU to avoid aging stock risk
- Teamwork and cooperation with other functions on supply fulfillment, including free tasting, listing sample, new product, special MP, discontinuation item, etc.
- KPI & report tracking, review and analysis for improvement
- Drive process continuous improvement to enhance supply chain effectiveness & efficiency
- Basic people management, including staffing, PMP process, coaching, etc.

- Finished Goods Inventory Days On Hand
- Products Freshness
- Order Fill Rate for All Accounts
- Order Fill Rate for Top 5 Accounts
- Innovation timely launched with full
- MP timely supply with full
- Cost-service balance and productivity

Work Relationships:

- BU Supply Chain in BU office, including: Agro, GP, Production Planning, QC, Engineering, Productivity team, Quaker Production Supervisor, Logistics Manager, Customer Supply Chain Manager, etc.
- MWH Manager, Plant Planning team
- R&D
- BU Sales Planning
- BU Trade MKT,MKT (each Brand MKT Manager/AM, each TM by channel by brand)
- 3rd party Logistics vendors


- Hard working, high energy
- Ability to Adopt fast changing situation and heavy pressure
- Teamwork spirit
- Conflict management
- Change management
- Deeper business understanding skill
- Project management
- Communication and collaboration skill
- Learning agility
- Mandarin is preferred

Relocation Eligible: Not Applicable
Job Type: Regular