Raw Material Handler (FT/Nights)

Job Description

$17.04 per hour

Move, stack and store a variety of product/material between the production department and warehouse. Operate various manufacturing equipment (palletizer, stretch wrap, depal, labeler) in an efficient and safe manner while ensuring package and product quality. Handle Unload raw materials, load full goods and/or pallet picks onto transport trucks as required. Be capable of understanding and troubleshooting with WMS System. Complete various tasks throughout the warehouse and production facilities, using both forklift and manual labor. All other duties as assigned. Inventory skills would be helpful.

Position is responsible for production, package, and flavor changeovers. Maintains required product inspection processes. Performs basic troubleshooting and minor repairs to ensure production equipment runs efficiently. Position requires lifting, carrying, and pushing/pulling cases weighing 20-45 pounds per case repeatedly over a long work period.


Position Requirements :

  • Operate a forklift in a safe and orderly manner
  • Operate auxiliary production equipment, removing or shifting materials and or/finished product as necessary to facilitate proper flow and machine operation
  • Store incoming and full goods items according to established system
  • Operate in a WMS system environment.
  • Monitor inventory levels and delivery of raw materials needed for production schedule
  • Maintain safe and orderly storage arrangements for all items handled
  • Maintain cleanliness in assigned area (i.e. depalletizer, palletizer, back dock, raw materials area) THIS SHIFT OFFERS .50 MORE AN HOUR
  • 18 years or older
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Must submit to a drug screen
  • Pass the background check
  • Experience with high speed production lines (e.g., high output, high performance equipment, fast paced production environment, etc.)
  • Experience with pallets (e.g., operating a forklift, stacking/bundling product, etc.)
  • Experience operating a packing machine (e.g., stacking, bundling, and wrapping product, etc.)
  • Experience operating a filler machine (e.g., ensuring right mix of product, operating production computer, etc.)
  • Experience operating a palletizer (e.g., building pallets, managing product changeovers, etc.)
  • Experience reading blueprints (e.g., read schematics on a machine, understanding production product flow, etc.)
  • Experience reading schedules (e.g., products being produced, understanding production requirements, production planning, managing changeovers, etc.)
  • Experience with computers in a manufacturing setting (e.g., electronic settings, line speed, pressures, basic troubleshooting, solving for faults/alarms and resetting equipment, etc.)
  • Experience with sanitization (e.g., basic procedures/steps, GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES in a food plant, identifying risks)
  • Experience with minor mechanical repairs (e.g., jams, using tools, making basic adjustments to equipment, etc.)
  • Experience with preventative maintenance (e.g., inspecting and maintaining equipment, detecting and correcting issues before they occur, etc.)
Job Ref: 5000564907506