Старший специалист по налогам ТЦО; Воронеж

Описание вакансии

1. Tax support of the new business initiatives / projects, which presume conclusion of intra-group agreements – to ensure that the least risky tax scenario is realized.
The support includes the analysis of all terms of the new transaction, determination of the functions performed by the parties, i/co price calculation / confirmation.
2. I/co prices setting in accordance with Russian TP Regulation for the certain types of SPO1 intercompany transactions (finish goods, raw materials, rent, other sales)
• Verify and confirm intercompany prices to ensure timely conclusion of intercompany contracts;
• Collect and analyze necessary data from initiators and other functions involved;
• Update templates for TP calculation (finish goods, raw materials, rent, other sales) to meet business needs and requests.

3. TP reporting for Russia SPO1
• Control over Segmented P&Ls preparation (FLM and Leb) and actual results’ analysis. Segmented P&L analysis results in prompt initiation of i/co prices update (in case when the actual prices does not fall into the arm’s length range).
• TP documentation preparation for the certain types of SPO1 intercompany transactions (PCH);
• TP documentation review for the certain types of SPO1 intercompany transactions (FLM, WBD, Opolye, Leb).

4. TP notification and MNE notification preparation and submission
• Ensure TP notification preparation and timely submission for PCH;
• Leading the process of preparation, verification and submission of TP notification for FLM, Leb, WBD, Opolye, WBD PP, WBD Brands, WBDB; providing methodological support to the local tax team;
Ensure MNE notification preparation and timely submission for all PepsiCo Russia legal entities.

5. Tax authorities audits, KPMG audits, tax requests
Preparation of analytical response for the Tax Authorities / KPMG requests in TP area. Coordinate the process of collecting documents and information over requested issues (KPMG audit, ad-hoc requests, in-house audits and field audits held by the Tax Authorities).
6. Operational control over internal TP procedures and TP legislation compliance
Analysis of TP legislation changes, supporting its implementation: updating internal procedures and templates, communication to all persons / functions concerned.
7. People development
Provide coaching and support for other functions and all tax colleagues (local tax team and Voronezh), sharing new knowledge and experience in TP area.
• Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Audit is preferable or Accounting/Finance and Law with an emphasis in tax
• Special skills/knowledge: intermediate English, Excel, SAP
• Total experience: 5 years of experience in tax and accounting. Must have significant experience in tax compliance, tax audits
• Analytical thinking, decision making skills
• Ability of comprehensive description and explanation in written form
• Communication skills, responsibility.