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Umran Beba- SVP and CHRO PepsiCo

"Transitioning back to the workforce after taking time off to be a caregiver can be a challenge. First there is the gap in experience on a resume that many employers may overlook. And second is seeking for opportunities to refresh professional skills. PepsiCo’s experienced internship is a tremendous opportunity to leverage this pool of great talent and provide individuals with additional work experience, skill-refresher and coaching.”

Umran Beba
SVP and CHRO, Human Capital Management

PepsiCo is introducing exciting Possibilities for professionals who are ready to re-enter the workforce! Our new program - Ready to Return -  is important because our teams reflect the diversity of our consumers and our communities – inclusion is a way of life at PepsiCo. We see great value in the experiences and perspectives of professionals who have taken time away to care for another. In an effort to support, engage and advance caregivers, we are excited to launch an internship program for experienced professionals re-entering the workforce in the New York area in April 2017. Are you ready? 

Ready to Return...

is for professionals who have taken a career break of more than two years and are looking for opportunities to return to the workforce.

To help ease the transition back to work, participants in this paid 10-week program will be provided with mentoring and coaching support, training to refresh skills, and opportunities to network and learn about working at PepsiCo.

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Ready to Return offers the opportunity to work on a Research and Development or a Marketing project, depending on your expertise, skills and career aspirations.

Participants in the Ready to Return program may be considered for open PepsiCo roles aligned with their unique skills and abilities upon program completion.

As a R&D Associate within our Ready to Return program, you will have the unique opportunity to increase your technical knowledge by participating in the development of a diverse portfolio of beverage and snack categories. The teams translate strategic market objectives into new products and processes for our iconic brands, optimize designs per consumer response and select wining ideas for commercialization. Our R&D teams are deeply committed to Performance with Purpose, a PepsiCo approach that empowers us to embrace a deeper sense of meaning in our daily work by improving products we sell, protecting our planet and empowering people around the globe.

Ready to Return program opportunities in R&D include: 

R&D Project Analyst
R&D Strategy Manager
R&D Formula Specification Specialist

Ready to Return
Ready to Return: Marketing

As a Marketing Associate within our Ready to Return program, you will encounter a creative and rapidly-changing environment that supports our iconic brands with transformational marketing. Led by industry influencers and known for producing outstanding marketers, PepsiCo looks for results-oriented team members who can make an impact in the Age of Disruption. Our marketing professionals demonstrate strong analytical skills and creative instinct while embracing technology with an innovation mindset. As a part of Ready to Return, we’re seeking marketers with exceptional communication and influencing skills.

Ready to Return program opportunities in Marketing include:

Senior Marketing Manager - Global Beverages Group

Senior Marketing Manager - Global Snacks Group

Program application closes on March 10th, 2017.