You tell PepsiCo stories to the world through formal reports, executive speeches and media collaborations.


You harness the power of design to create smiles and authentic brand experiences.


You have the critical thinking skills and business smarts to market new and existing products.

Marketing Analytics

You use deep human insights and high-impact analytics to equip your colleagues’ decision-making.


You work with retailers in your area to place, showcase and bring smiles with PepsiCo products.

InnovationA new bottle that puts people first

The PepsiCo design team dove into the details of the everyday 2-liter bottle and realized it could be more functional, easy to grip and unique to PepsiCo brands.

Hey, Daniel, what is it like to work for PepsiCo?

Hey, Daniel, what is it like to work for PepsiCo?

The marketing area at PepsiCo is a big family. It’s a very fun and cool place to work where you get to know amazing people, great partners, extraordinary marketers, and where everybody can be their true selves. Honestly, you can’t miss it. It’s life-changing.

Working at a company that focuses on creating value for communities and inspiring a positive change allows me as a marketer, and as a person, to create social initiatives with our brands that inspire and create a real change in society. There are many exceptional examples in Mexico with PepsiCo brands like Quaker, Chokis, Emperador or Doritos.

Being consumer-centric, to always put people at the center of every decision. Being willing to take risks and challenge the status quo. Being agile and doing things first, before our competitors. Being a little competitive is always good! And being creative: For marketers, creativity is king; we are always looking at how we can elevate our brands and make them culturally relevant.

I like to think that my job is to make people smile whenever they interact with our products and brands. I get to work with some of the most famous brands in the world and launch new products that are enjoyed by millions, including my family and friends.

Creating smiles in pro football

PepsiCo sponsors professional, developmental and community programs that make the sport more competitive, more fun and more inclusive.

You’ll see PepsiCo support for UEFA Champions League, its foundation, the UEFA Women's Champions League and numerous programs for youth, girls and communities.

Amazing PepsiCo teamwork by employees makes it all happen.

Smile at life at PepsiCo

WFH colorfully

Aditi Gulati wanted to re-create the dynamic feel of the Gurugram, India, PepsiCo offices.

Healthy living

PepsiCo’s well-being programs help us be well, find balance and get involved.

Our nutrition story

We’re constantly innovating, looking for ways to add whole grains, reduce sugar and make other recipe changes without sacrificing taste.

Healthy living

PepsiCo’s employee well-being programs help associates be well, find balance and get involved.

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