Supply Chain Management

You bring products to market safely, with an expert understanding of cost, quality and service.

Transportation & Logistics

You make products move, and put the right people and technology to work to do it safely, efficiently and reliably.

Warehouse Positions

You link manufacturers to the market, tracking and distributing products on the final stages of the journey to stores and customers.

InnovationA new ride for the final mile

PepsiCo is the first company in Brazil to introduce electric trucks into its fleet. They’re easier to drive for associates and better for the planet.

Hey, Miriam, what is it like to work for PepsiCo?

Hey, Miriam, what is it like to work for PepsiCo?

I think the expression work-life balance is a bit misleading because it implies that at work you don’t have life, and I think we are all here full of life, and if you just enter the premises of PepsiCo you see the energy everywhere in every corner and all your senses are in action. I like that a lot and I feel alive here.

The company is very clear about taking care of its talent pool and its employees. If you are not happy at home you will not be happy at work, and accordingly you will not be productive. It’s very easy to spot the vibes inside the offices and how energetic everybody is and how dynamic everybody is, which shows that everybody is relaxed and happy and is performing in a positive way.

This does not mean there isn’t any tension or any stressful situations! No, there is! We’re tested and we work on our competencies. At the same time, we see the overall picture, we know the overall targets. Everybody feels comfortable and trusting of the management that their well-being comes before the results.


Shining a light on supplier diversity

Using work by artists of color on SunChips packaging is one way PepsiCo aims to increase opportunity for diverse suppliers.

Smile at life at PepsiCo

Right and left brain R&D

Cliona Murphy uses creativity and science when problem-solving with her colleagues.

Salty and irresistible

It takes procurement perfection to make the world’s most popular potato chip, Lay’s.

Our nutrition story

We’re constantly innovating, looking for ways to add whole grains, reduce sugar and make other recipe changes without sacrificing taste.

Healthy living

PepsiCo’s employee well-being programs help associates be well, find balance and get involved.

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