Maintenance & Security

You repair, troubleshoot and maintain machinery. You keep colleagues and company sites safe.

Operations & Safety

You prevent accidents, increase collaboration and stamp out inefficiency.


You specialize in speed, staffing fast-moving production lines with computerized machinery.

InnovationTraining in translation

Smart headsets help Operations team members in South Africa learn to do their job safely and efficiently in many languages.

Hey, Layla, what is it like to work for PepsiCo?

Hey, Layla, what is it like to work for PepsiCo?

One word: people! Working with amazing people is one of the big differentiators to working at PepsiCo — it’s the people who motivate and inspire me every day, and they are the reason I smile at work. I also think creating moments of fun is really important. We all spend a lot of time at work, so ensuring people are able to smile and create great memories is key.

My role covers all of Warehousing and Logistics across the U.K. as well as import and export. Logistics is all about flows — in, through and out of the network. As soon as a product is made, it is within my team’s remit until it reaches the customer. My work is a mix of the here and now and looking forward. In here and now, I support the team to eliminate the blockers. In looking forward, I’m examining where we need to be in the next one to five years.

I joined PepsiCo in 2006 as a part-time receptionist, not really knowing a lot about the business and not really looking for a career path. That changed as I met inspirational leaders, mentors and friends along the way, giving me the push I needed.

The ability to listen before you respond, so you fully leverage all the knowledge and thinking of those around you. To be able to articulate and understand the why and really think about the how rather than just focus on the what. Lastly, the ability to remove unnecessary asks and keep people focused on what’s important. It’s easy to be pulled in lots of different directions, so the ability to prioritize and say no is really key.

Industry-leading “home time” for truck drivers

PepsiCo division Frito-Lay stands out from other employers for the benefits it offers truck drivers — for example, 90% of trips can be completed in one day.

Smile at life at PepsiCo

Raw material tofinished product

Kiyana Burgin gives an inside look at operations at PepsiCo Beverages

Healthy Living

PepsiCo’s well-being programs help us be well, find balance and get involved.

Our nutrition story

We’re constantly innovating, looking for ways to add whole grains, reduce sugar and make other recipe changes without sacrificing taste.

Healthy living

PepsiCo’s employee well-being programs help associates be well, find balance and get involved.

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