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9 of 10 UK households buy Walkers crisps

We transform potato peelings leftover from making Walkers crisps in our Leicester factory into low-carbon fertiliser and return it to UK farms where we grow potatoes for our crisps.

100%Renewable energy powers all PepsiCo UK manufacturing

We’re proud we haven't sent any manufacturing waste to landfill since 2011. Waste from producing Walkers crisps is used to make animal feed and biofuel, as well as fuelling our special anaerobic digestor which generates 25% of electricity for our Leicester manufacturing site.

££Multi-million investment into our manufacturing sites

Our investments enable sustainable packaging, innovation and product reformulation. As well as increased storage capacity to better meet the growing consumer demand for Walkers crisps.

Social impactReducing packaging

Hear about the work we’re doing to create a world where packaging needs never becomes waste from our - UK Sustainability Director - Simon Devaney.

DiversityBring your full self to work

We want all our employees to feel comfortable being who they are and bringing their full self to work. Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are at the heart of this, celebrating our differences, driving our diversity and inclusion agenda from the ground up and embedding it in our culture.

From our Thrive group, who drive gender equality and female empowerment to our Culture and Ethnicity team who challenge our thinking and help us guard against unconscious bias. We are happy to be supporting the people going above and beyond to drive positive change across all levels of the organisation. Other ERGs include, our EQUAL team who work hard to drive conversations around LGBTQ+ issues, Parents and Carers group and Neurodiversity team.

Social impactProviding smarter snacking choices

Take a tour of the PepsiCo kitchens to show the process behind creating smarter snacks that don’t compromise on taste, with Chris King, our R&D Business Manager.

Gender ParityWalkers extends partnership with Leicester City FC Women's team.

Lowering EmissionsWe’re committed to building a more sustainable world, and it’s people like Layla Whiting that help drive this ambition forward.

How we do business matters

Global sustainability

To care for the future of the planet, PepsiCo sources crops and ingredients thoughtfully.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

PepsiCo can only succeed when our associates and the society we serve flourish.

Our nutrition story

We’re constantly innovating, looking for ways to add whole grains, reduce sugar and make other recipe changes without sacrificing taste.

Healthy living

PepsiCo’s employee well-being programs help associates be well, find balance and get involved.

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