SustainabilityLocally sourced spuds

Where do the potatoes for Smith’s crisps come from? Walk the fields of a third-generation family farm in Australia where this key crop is grown and harvested.

¿Cómo aplico a PepsiCo?

¿Cómo aplico a PepsiCo?

Finding opportunities is easy. Use our job search or ask the personal recruiting assistant, Chester Cheetah, for some suggestions. You can also search by global region, country or other keywords. Try “remote” for jobs where location is flexible; “MBA” or other qualifications if you have specialized credentials; or a product name like “Cheetos” if you want a match to a favorite brand.

Read and take notes on the whole job description. Look at the job responsibilities and list past experiences where you’ve accomplished similar tasks. Use the Career Areas and Locations sections to learn more about specific teams you may be joining, and do some additional research about PepsiCo on our overall corporate site.

Got your opportunity picked out? Apply online to the job or internship you want and enter your details and answer prescreening questions.

Checking your application status is easy. Visit the Candidate Dashboard to get private updates and contact our recruiting team.

Our cultureFlexible work = fewer limits on success

Bangkok traffic? PepsiCo has a solution for that. Thailand associates talk about the flexible work options that make them smile.


SustainabilityPreserving, conserving water in Thailand

InnovationDare To Do More teams from PepsiCo Thailand make finals

Nos importa cómo hacemos los negocios

Sostenibilidad mundial

Para cuidar el futuro del planeta, PepsiCo obtiene cultivos e ingredientes cuidadosamente.

Diversidad, Equidad Y Inclusión

PepsiCo solo puede tener éxito cuando nuestra gente y la sociedad a la que servimos prosperan.

Nuestra historia de nutrición

Estamos constantemente innovando, buscando formas de agregar granos enteros, reducir el azúcar y hacer otros cambios en las recetas sin sacrificar el sabor.

Vida saludable

Los programas de bienestar de PepsiCo ayudan que nuestra gente encuentre el equilibrio.

Nos haría sonreír que te unas a nuestra comunidad de talentos.

Regístrate y recibe notificaciones sobre oportunidades que coincidan con tus habilidades.