You are a fierce watchdog, protecting critical systems and confidential information.

Data Science & Analytics

You harness the power of data to guide strategic decisions and root out inefficiency.


You are an innovator who can showcase, sell and deliver products customers crave.

Information Technology

You wisely choose, implement, support and scale the technology your colleagues in all roles need most.

Project & Product Management

You know how to launch and sustain a branded product, and how to bring together teams to work efficiently.

Software Engineering

You are a collaborator driven to support and guide engineering solutions for key digital products.


You drive the future of a company and shape the landscape of an industry by looking at long-term growth and market position.


You are a disruptive thinker, an advocate for big ideas and the change agent who helps make it all happen.

InnovationGo behind the scenes with Strategy & Transformation

The way we do business is changing. And the scope of that digital evolution might surprise you.

Hey, Sarah, what is it like to work for PepsiCo?

Hey, Sarah, what is it like to work for PepsiCo?

At PepsiCo, we have the power and scale to make a big impact. Delivering impact is energizing and empowering. Now add getting the opportunity to work with the incredible talent at PepsiCo and innovative startup partners to deliver that impact — that is what makes me smile every day.

Lots of listening and analysis to understand the critical needs of PepsiCo. We always start with the end goal in mind. Once we know what we want to solve, we then define what success is and exactly how we would measure it. We back into the path to get there. We try to cut out unnecessary steps, focusing on exactly what we need to prove to deliver on the metrics of success.

Have fun! It’s important to not always be so serious. I love to smile and laugh and bring my true self to work. It energizes me. It is also a lot easier to influence the business and get things done when people feel that energy and we have fun doing work together.

I am a proud Nicaraguan American. I come from a big tight-knit family, with 24 first cousins and many more nieces and nephews. I love to travel and have had the opportunity to live in Venezuela, Japan, Spain, Mexico, as well as the United States.

Urban living, STEM careers

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Smile at life at PepsiCo

Rooting out socialmedia imposters

Larissa Spies explains the work of the Digital Reputation team

Healthy Living

PepsiCo’s well-being programs help us be well, find balance and get involved.

Our nutrition story

We’re constantly innovating, looking for ways to add whole grains, reduce sugar and make other recipe changes without sacrificing taste.

Healthy living

PepsiCo’s employee well-being programs help associates be well, find balance and get involved.

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