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We are the perfect place for curious minds, thinkers, and change-makers. From the frontline to our leadership, we are excited about the future and work together to make the world a better place.

How do I apply to PepsiCo?

How do I apply to PepsiCo?

Finding opportunities is easy. Use our job search or ask the personal recruiting assistant, Chester Cheetah, for some suggestions. You can also search by global region, country or other keywords. Try “remote” for jobs where location is flexible; “MBA” or other qualifications if you have specialized credentials; or a product name like “Cheetos” if you want a match to a favorite brand.

Read and take notes on the whole job description. Look at the job responsibilities and list past experiences where you’ve accomplished similar tasks. Use the Career Areas and Locations sections to learn more about specific teams you may be joining, and do some additional research about PepsiCo on our overall corporate site.

Got your opportunity picked out? Apply online to the job or internship you want and enter your details and answer prescreening questions.

Checking your application status is easy. Visit the Candidate Dashboard to get private updates and contact our recruiting team.

Why PepsiCo? Employees answer

To make an impact

I love knowing that I have a complete influence on the quality of the products that consumers take home, and furthermore, I can generate value through my work and contribute to making PepsiCo and society increasingly diverse and inclusive!"

To work inclusively

I really like that people make an effort to learn sign language and little by little we advance in that learning. I enjoy teaching others and I feel that at PepsiCo we have a good working environment because communication barriers are reduced.”

To innovate

Insights & Analytics work requires understanding what our consumers' needs are so that we can design strategies that lead to the growth of both our business and our purpose.”

InnovationProducing snacks without using local water

Water-saving, filtration and rainwater harvesting enable the Vallejo Salado plant in Mexico and three more in the region to operate without consuming fresh water.

DiversitySigning her way to opportunity

InnovationFrom Caracas to Mexico City: An IT career in Latin America

Nous accordons de l'importance à notre façon de faire les choses

Développement durable mondial

PepsiCo se soucie de l’avenir de la planète, c’est pourquoi nous choisissons nos fournisseurs de produits agricoles et d'ingrédients avec soin.

Diversité, équité et inclusion

À PepsiCo, nous savons que notre entreprise ne peut réussir sans l’épanouissement de nos employés et des communautés que nous servons.

Notre histoire en matière de nutrition

Nous innovons constamment, en cherchant des moyens d’ajouter des grains entiers, de réduire le sucre et d’apporter d’autres changements à nos recettes sans pour autant en sacrifier le goût.

Parlons santé

Les programmes Mieux-être de PepsiCo aident les employés à se sentir bien, à trouver un équilibre et à s’impliquer.

Cela nous ferait sourire si vous vous joigniez à notre communauté de talents.

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