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PepsiCo India cares for the country

12.75Blitres of water conserved in 2015 alone

Water is precious; we use irrigation technology, water recharging and other practices to be water positive in our operations.

74%reduction in nonrenewable energy use

Improving operational efficiency and migration to renewable forms like biomass fuels and wind turbines helps us achieve this.

14,350 acres of cropland using smarter practices

PepsiCo’s Direct Seeding of Rice program saves water, reduces production costs and lifts income for more than 1,400 farmers.

InnovationA small global team, one big idea to save water

When PepsiCo made its annual call for The Next Big Idea, hundreds answered. Among them, five women from five countries with the motto, “More crop per drop.”


PepsiCo India, Quaker study breakfast trends

A healthy breakfast promotes healthy weight and nutrition, but it’s also often skipped.

In 2021, Quaker, with Euromonitor, surveyed 1,000 urban adult Indians in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata and found that more than 44% of millennials skipped breakfast during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The brand used the findings to advocate for a return to breakfast and other good nutrition habits.

Community impactAccess to clean water in rural India

Flexible work environments boost engagement, work-life balance and all-around well-being. Work that Works is a program for PepsiCo corporate associates that empowers associates and their managers to choose where and howwork gets done. Because whenassociates are supported, they achieve even greater success.


Life at PepsiCoHobby clubs connect associates, says R&D manager Pragya Dwivedi

Life at PepsiCoWorking colorfully from home in Gurugram

Como fazemos negócio importa

PepsiCo Positive

Para cuidar do futuro do planeta, a PepsiCo seleciona colheitas e ingredientes cuidadosamente.

Escolhas Positivas

A PepsiCo só pode ter sucesso quando nossos(as) colaboradores(as) e a sociedade que servimos tiverem sucesso

Nossa História de Nutrição

Estamos constantemente inovando, procurando maneiras de adicionar grãos integrais, reduzir o açúcar e fazer outras mudanças na receita sem modificar o sabor.

Vida Leve

Os programas de bem-estar da PepsiCo ajudam os(as) colaboradores(as) a encontrarem equilíbrio e se engajarem.

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