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At a fast-paced company like PepsiCo, having a career mentor has led to career confidence for five supply chain professionals.

How do I apply to PepsiCo?

How do I apply to PepsiCo?

Finding opportunities is easy. Use our job search or ask the personal recruiting assistant, Chester Cheetah, for some suggestions. You can also search by global region, country or other keywords. Try “remote” for jobs where location is flexible; “MBA” or other qualifications if you have specialized credentials; or a product name like “Cheetos” if you want a match to a favorite brand.

Read and take notes on the whole job description. Look at the job responsibilities and list past experiences where you’ve accomplished similar tasks. Use the Career Areas and Locations sections to learn more about specific teams you may be joining, and do some additional research about PepsiCo on our overall corporate site.

Got your opportunity picked out? Apply online to the job or internship you want and enter your details and answer prescreening questions.

Checking your application status is easy. Visit the Candidate Dashboard to get private updates and contact our recruiting team.

Great tastes inNorth America

Great tastes inNorth America

Great tastes inNorth America

Canada’s beloved Lay’s Dill Pickle Flavored potato chips. The United States’ salty classic Rold Gold pretzels. Seattle-born Starbucks coffee drinks. And Canada Dry Ginger Ale, whose origin is right in its name. These are the favorite flavors of this region.


Frito-Lay employs 55,000 dedicated snack-making employees. Learn more about this delicious division.

Pepsi Beverage

Pepsi Beverage refreshes North Americans every day with juices, coffee, sodas, teas and sports hydration. Drink up!

Quaker Foods

Oatmeal is only the beginning of the products from Quaker. Snack bars, breakfast cereals and rice snacks feed all ages.

What makes these women smile?Dream career opportunities in all fields

PepsiCo is a company where you will have a space to make your mark, find purpose and achieve your ambitions. But don’t take our word for it. Take it from these PepsiCo associates.


Social impactReal milk, real farmers: Starbucks shelf-stable drinks

InnovationWhat it’s like to work in tech at PepsiCo

È importante come lavoriamo

Sostenibilità globale

Preoccupandosi del futuro del pianeta, PepsiCo è molta attenta alla fonte dei raccolti e degli ingredienti.

Diversità, uguaglianza e inclusione

PepsiCo si realizza solo quando i suoi lavoratori e la società di cui è parte prospera

La storia della nostra alimentazione

Ci innoviamo costantemente, cercando modi per aggiungere cereali integrali, ridurre gli zuccheri e migliorare le nostri ricette senza sacrificare i sapori.

Vita Salutare

I programmi di well-being per gli impiegati di PepsiCo aiutano a sentirsi meglio, a trovare un equilibrio e sentirsi coinvolti.

Ci farebbe sorridere/felici che ti unissi alla nostra comunità di talenti

Iscriviti e ricevi notifiche sulle opportunità in linea con le tue competenze.